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Getting to know our school

Basisschool Schreuder is a regular primary school located in the cultural center of Amsterdam. We are proud of our small scale, the dedicated teachers and parents, our educational offer and our successful achievements (above the country┬┤s average). The student population of Basisschool Schreuder reflects the diversity of the Amsterdam people. We address our Christian identity by giving attention to the Western norms and values, which we have incorporated into our school rules.

After registering at Basisschool Schreuder you will be invited for an intake meeting. In this meeting we will ask you for information about your son/ daughter and you will receive more specific information and answers to any questions you may have, so that your son or daughter can be placed correctly. A month before the start of school you will be invited by the teacher for an introductory appointment and a trial day for your child.


New rules for registration and admittance of students

Since 2015 almost all primary schools in Amsterdam (over 200), revert to a citywide equal, transparent and fair admittance policy. This brought an end to the different rules that each area, neighborhood and school maintained. Applying for a primary school is done in the same way for each school. Placing children is automated and done simultaneously according to these (equal) rules. Basisschool Schreuder participates.


Register for our school

Around the third birthday of your child you will receive, from the town hall of Amsterdam, the registration form for the primary school and a brochure with explanation about the admission policy. More info at:


Information meetings

We organize a number of information meetings for orientation at our primary school. During an information meeting you will receive specific information, you can ask questions and you will be guided through the school.

The dates for the information meetings (from 9 am to 10 am) are:

– Monday, February 1, 2021
– Friday, February 12, 2021
– Monday, May 10, 2021
– Friday, May 21, 2021

You can register for these meetings through the following link:

If you prefer to receive a presentation of the info meeting by mail instead of a physical meeting at school, you can apply for this through the same link.

If you would like to make an appointment on another date than the info meeting, please call us at 020-6795827.